Wednesday, February 01, 2006

nervously moving to Comcast DVR

I've been an extremely happy user of ReplayTV's DVRs for several years but on Friday I'm switching to a unit from Comcast and I have to say I'm nervous about it. My biggest concern is will my wife and I be able to live without Commercial Advance.

Commercial Advance is a feature that Replay put in to a few model of DVRs. It takes the "30 second skip" one step futher and automatically detects and jumps over commercials. Being able to watch a show without commercials and without having to do anything is nothing short of addicitive. It's so good, that Replay was forced to drop the feature in the face of lawsuits from the entertainment industry.

So if it's so good, why am I switching? The simple answer is HDTV. I was a very early adopter of HDTV (circa 1999) but got turned off by the lack of programming and finally decided that a DVR for regular TV was better than having to watch HDTV live.

Now that Comcast has a dual tuner DVR that handles HDTV, it seems like it time to put my toes back in to the HD water. That and the fact that the Seahawks will be in HD in the Superbowl and the Winter Olympics will be in HD.

Here's hoping that my wife and I can live with the "fast forward" button instead of Commercial Advance.


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Three excellent suggestions in the Windows Vista RSS entry -- I'm commenting here because I didn't see a comments link there. I would expect that the third point, regarding organization, would be addressed soon because one of the bigger themes of Vista is cataloging and querying data.

John Iacovelli

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